INFOSYS Q4FY14 Consolidated

INFOSYS Q4FY14 Consolidated

Infosys Ltd.- Q4FY14 Consolidated- Net Profit Rs.2992 cr in Q4FY14 v/s Rs.2394 cr in Q4FY13., up by 24.98% (Y-o-Y).
Revenue- Rs. 12875cr in Q4FY14 v/s Rs.10454 cr in Q4FY13, up by 23.16% (Y-o-Y).

Net Profit- Rs.2992cr in Q4FY14 v/s Rs.2875cr in Q3FY14, up by 4.07%. (Q-o-Q).
Revenue- Rs.12875cr in Q4FY14 v/s Rs.13026cr in Q3FY14,Down by -1.16% (Q-o-Q).

Infosys declares final dividend of Rs 43/share.

Guidence- FY15 revenue expected to grow by 7%-9% in US$ terms.


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