In this section, I keep on posting my mistakes from which I keep on learning. As I commit any new mistake and learn from it, will add my learning to this section.

  1. When we face loss then only learning comes —Our mistakes can be only realized by us when we face any loss or we proved wrong. So we always welcome mistakes which provide us some good learning and keep us down to earth. Being true and continuously earning profits raise our ego level and invite more huge loss in future.
  2. Never ignore true value of the company—Every business having some value and that we never have to ignore. If we commit such mistake then market punish us. Be careful with true worth of the company and only buy it when it falls below its true worth. and if business not available below its true worth then ready to missed that opportunity. Loss of opportunity is better to compare to the loss of capital.
  3. Don’t buy HOT —-If you are going to buy the hot business then you must have to exit it at the proper time. So if you don’t understand to exit then it’s better to let it go such opportunities. If we buy HOT then that HOT will BURN our portfolio.